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Maple Bear combines the best of Canadian educational practices to bring Canadian bilingual early childhood, elementary and high school education to students around the world. With over 430+ schools in more than 39 countries, Maple Bear is the trusted choice of parents of over 60,000+ students preparing for lifelong success in learning through the excellence of Canadian methodology that nurtures 21 st century skills.

Maple Bear Bilingual Education

At Maple Bear we offer a true bilingual education experience. Our proprietary bilingual education program is developed by expert educators across Canada. At Maple Bear, students study academic subjects in either their native language or English, depending on the subject and grade level.


Our nursery and preschool facilities are purposefully designed to create environments in which learning opportunities are primed. Maple Bear strives to exceed compliance to local regulations in every school and region, while maintaining careful attention to innovations in resources, materials, play equipment and standards for early childhood learning and care.


The Maple Bear curriculum provides clear learning outcomes designed using Canadian early childhood education methodology, to develop well rounded children with effective skill sets for successful lifelong learning. Our preschool curriculum is designed with the whole child in mind, employing a learning through play approach and taking every opportunity to apply each of the senses towards growth in all areas of development.


Our students are enriched with the English immersion and French language program developed by the Maple Bear faculty.


Our philosophy on early years education centers on building an engaged community around the classroom. Through a mobile application, parents are given direct, round-the-clock insights daily, on what is happening in the classroom. We also work with parents as their partner in early years education, regarding parents and ourselves as the key players in the child's learning ecosystem


Health and safety are of prime importance in a preschool. Maple Bear facilities utilize state-of-the-art technology such as biometric scanners, CCTV surveillance system, and buzz-in locks across premises, ensuring access to the school and students is strictly monitored. All staff are certified to administer pediatric first aid, and are trained in the implementation of a thorough sanitation policy as well as emergency preparedness measures. In addition, a licensed professional nurse is present on the premises at all times at each branch.


At Maple Bear we believe that every child matters, and that every child has the right to learn and to reach their full potential. Our nurseries have an 'Individual Needs Policy' in place supporting our commitment to providing quality education to children with additional needs. Maple Bear schools in East Africa aims to meet the needs of all children in its care by personalizing learning and providing outstanding care and provision.

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