The best of Canadian education for

a global future

The best of Canadian education for

a global future

The best of Canadian education for

a global future


“Matheo’s mother”

“To our family, Maple Bear is a community of people who work together to meet our needs and requirements. The Maple Bear program offers freedom and a pleasant and playful environment where my child is allowed to emotionally develop at his own pace. When I chose this kindergarten I did it with my heart, knowing that my wishes will be respected.”

“Deniz’s mother”

“Since he started attending Maple Bear, my son has evolved beautifully. He has gathered a lot of new information, he is more self-confident and focused, and his communication skills have improved. To us, as parents, this is the most suitable place for our child’s education. We appreciate all the efforts that are made for him, thank you!”

“Emma’s mother”

“We are at peace knowing that Emma is in good hands. As long as our child is happy, we are happy as well. These are hard times for everybody, and I want Emma to be in a place where she receives a lot of warmth and where she feels safe. Thank you.”

“Mariana, mother of Steven”

“As a parent, I want to thank Maple Bear Teachers Kalina, Maria, and the music teacher for making online learning enjoyable and effective for children. Thank you for your efforts and patience. Ourchild is looking forward to participating in each class and activity.“

“Marina and João Portinari”

“We have a huge affection for Maple Bear. In it, our children learned to read, write and now do their first accounts. Everything was very natural and interesting, full of discoveries, nothing imposed or decorated. In addition, the individuality of each child is worked on, respecting the right time for each one and for the colleague. In our view, it is a set of all of this and yet the opportunity to already be reading, writing and talking in English is what really made the difference for us in choosing a school for the children.”

“Milena and Yordan, parents of Preslav”

“We are impressed by the skill and desire of the Maple Bear Teachers atthe Maple Bear Elementary school Sofia to maintain the curiosity, interest and joy of learning in our child; it has been great to see how they work with his individual learning style to share knowledge, kindness, positive attitude and a love of learning. We also thank the administrative staff for their commitment and responsibility to our son. Maple Bear School turned out to be a cozy and modern place for us, where our child finds the peace and pleasure necessary for his emotional, mental and physical health, void of any negative social interactions. Be healthy, strong, and brave!”

“Ilinca’s mother”

“As a parent, you are always competing with yourself. You want what’s best for your child, and choosing the right kindergarten is no exception. For a whole year I analysed all the educational programs in the city, and finally I chose Maple Bear, a well-structured program from all aspects, and one that fulfills all the educational, social and emotional needs of a child in order to successfully integrate into society. The bilingual teaching system helps the development of the child’s social, communication and interaction abilities. The teachers managed to establish a feeling of trust and safety. With a lot of patience and dedication, they managed to help my child develop in a graceful manner and to obtain the age specific abilities they needed. I highly recommend Maple Bear.”

“Karen Georgalas, mother Maria Fernanda Y6D and Ana Carolina Y3F”

“I am delighted to have my two daughters studying at Maple Bear. I really believe in the methodology used by the school! The constant concern with quality bilingual education, children's socialization, respect, personal valuation, always emphasizing what the student has to offer for the formation of a responsible and balanced citizen. It is a school that constantly stimulates the creative side of children through various activities such as musical theater, chess, dance, parody contests and talent shows. I feel safe choosing Maple Bear because I see my daughters happy and constantly evolving!”

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