The best of Canadian education for

a global future

The best of Canadian education for

a global future

The best of Canadian education for

a global future



My child's communication abilities have notably improved; she can now articulate her thoughts using words and has become more socially interactive with other children. Additionally, she has begun to distinguish between numbers, colors, and animals. We are delighted to have enrolled her in Maple Bear at the age of 2, and over the past seven months, we've witnessed significant growth and development. She genuinely enjoys attending school, eagerly looks forward to her time there, and has formed a fondness for both her teacher and the school environment.

“Sandra Otieno”

Firstly, I’m very impressed with the positive educational environment and comprehensive curriculum that Maple Bear Kenya offers. Anet has developed holistically. She has become more confident, socially active and expressive. She has improved her English significantly, while also gaining exposure to French and Swahili, which is a fantastic linguistic and cultural development. The staff and teachers are incredibly caring and attentive to the needs of the children, which makes me feel secure about my child’s wellbeing during school hours. Overall, Anet is very happy, loves her teachers and peers, and looks forward to going to school every morning.

“Destiny’s Mama and Papa”

Maple Bear is more of a small-knit family that has ensured the growth and nurturing of students and teacher-to-student attention is top-notch. As a result, it has enabled us to want to be associated with every step of Destiny's progress in school. These attributes have enabled Destiny's eloquence in speech, confidence, independence while studying, and being a team player with her teachers and friends in school. We appreciate all the hard work and are proud to be associated with Maple Bear School. Thank you.

“John Ongadi”

Joining the Maple Bear community has been a transformative experience for my two young sons, ages 3 and 2. What stands out most is the nurturing environment and the option on bilingual education, which has noticeably enhanced their communication skills. The integration of Canadian educational methods ensures a structured yet innovative approach to learning that encourages not just academic, but also personal growth. It's comforting to see them excited every morning, eager to explore and learn in such a supportive setting.

“Marcel's Mom”

My son started at Maple Bear, just before he turned 2 years old. That’s a very young age where he was totally dependent, so he developed most of his vocabulary in school, he was potty trained in school and the list keeps adding. He now can put on and take off shoes, go to bathrooms by himself and he will say he is big enough and doesn't need help. It's amazing. His social skills are well developed, he interacts well with his friends and he misses them. When he knew school was open again. He said to me, "Mom, I’m glad I will see my friends again. I had missed them so much". The school has contributed a lot to his growth. I now have a toddler who is pretty much independent and I owe this to the school. I am grateful and I will definitely have my daughter join as soon as I am able to manage her morning nap.

“Parents of Sayaan Khan”

My only way of judging the school is through our Son Sayaan. Being a covid baby the Bond at home was tooo strong, bringing him to Maple Bear was the best choice we made! He is thriving, learning, having fun, problem solving, and building friendships. We wanted something different for him unlike most schools board to books, Maple Bear’s approach to Education is amazing....if we would choose a school would be Maple Bear all through...and tell me which Four year speaks four Languages...English,French,Kiswahili and his mother tongue. This is the foundation at Maple Bear. Thank you to the Team at Maple Bear!

“Oumy's Mother”

Notre première attente à mon mari et moi même quand nous avons inscrit notre fille à l’école MapleBear était de la permettre de s’épanouir, d’être heureux et surtout d'avoir l'esprit de partage et de communion avec d'autres. On ne regrette pas d'avoir inscrit Oumy à MapleBear qui privilégie le bien être de l’enfant tout en lui transmettant des valeurs familiales ce qui est essentielles pour nous. Nous sommes vraiment heureux de constater son progrès aussi bien au niveau de son comportement qu’au niveau de son apprentissage.

“Olivia's Mother”

Maple Bear is a warm community of teachers and parents collaborating to give the kids a fun, structured, interactive learning environment. I have enjoyed watching my daughter Olivia grow rapidly in her speech, writing and creativity. The extra curricular activities are extensive enough to teach the kids lessons outside of class.


Maple Bear was a great and safe space for my boys. They were able to flourish socially and I felt comfortable dropping them everyday knowing they would have compassionate teachers.

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