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The Maple Bear preschool program is designed to educate the whole child – physically, intellectually, emotionally, and socially. The eight developmental areas are that are fundamental to our early childhood curriculum are addressed every day through careful planning by teachers trained in Canadian methodology. Integration of subjects in thematic ways stimulates creativity and self-expression at each stage of the program, with the focal goal being the development of positive self-image within the early years student and encouraging children to see themselves as capable and competent learners.

Bearcare (12-24 months)

Early toddlers need an environment that is unhurried and predictable. The rhythm of the day is one that soothes and comforts, thereby nurturing the sense of safety and security that is so essential to keeping the pathways to learning and growth open.


Simple routines and small group activities consisting of themed learning centers & free choice play are introduced within a setting nurtures a sense of belonging. Large group activities improve social skills and gross motor activities such as music and movement and outdoor play are also a big part of the Toddlers day.


Children of this age learn to make connections between new knowledge and experiences in & outside of the classroom. While gaining exposure to concepts through a multitude of hands-on activities & working in groups, self-regulation and language are a focal element.


The Kindergarten 1 program expands to emphasize subject streams: language arts, STEM subjects, creative and cultural expression, and personal and social awareness and physical skills and well-being. The focus on developing the whole child is sustained, as they manipulate their environment, experiment, clarify information, and integrate ideas.


Competence in language, reading, and STEM subjects is developed systematically and teachers integrate subject knowledge into a variety of active techniques suitable to the developmental stages of the children. Upon completion of the Maple Bear preschool program, students are well prepared for the primary school of choice and have a strong foundation for lifelong learning.


Open year round, our nurseries offer extended day schedules and break-time camps during holiday periods.


A well-rounded education includes growth in social, physical and creative capabilities along with academic learning. Extra-curricular activities (ECAs) have demonstrable impact in the areas of developing team spirit, self-confidence, discipline and goal setting, not to mention the chance to experience the thrill of achievement. Maple Bear offers extra-curricular programs across a range of disciplines that contribute to the development of athletic, musical, linguistic, and artistic capabilities amongst other skills.

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